Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Annie was one of my first photoshoots after moving back to St. Louis in 2009 and on Sunday, I had the chance to photograph her with her two sisters. After being snowed out a few weeks ago, we ended up with a beautiful day...

Just playing around with a quote on this one...

All three sisters had their makeup done together before their photoshoot...what a great idea!

One of my favorites...

Laura is going to be graduating from college very soon, so I took a few of her on her own too...

Beautiful eyes!

Thanks, Laura, Annie, and Lisa...and of course, your mom Doris, for setting this up, even if I couldn't convince you to join them in the photos! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Taking a break from babies and families to post a senior! Evan is graduating in just a couple of months, so we had to get going on those senior pics. I have to say that Evan is one of the most polite high school boys that I've met and that's coming from a former high school teacher.

We met up at Forest Park and wow, was it crowded this Sunday. We had to fight for parking spots, but we made it work. Here is Evan...

Hope you like them, Evan!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Drew

This little one was such a sweet little boy and very sleepy for 13 days old the day of his photoshoot!

This hat and blanket were made by his great aunt! (Hope I got that right...)


LOVE this smile...

A basket in his bedroom...

Just cuddling with Daddy when we were all done...in case you didn't know, photoshoots are tiring!!

Congratulations, L and A! Such a beautiful little boy!

Walker's Birth

When you think back at some of the most significant moments of your life, one of the prominent ones has got to be the birth of your children. I had a unique opportunity to capture that in photos for Dan and Alisha recently with the birth of Walker. With their permission, here is their birth story...

(I could go on and on about the experience, but I'll let the pictures tell the story this time!)

(click to bring up bigger in a separate window)

Jonah is ONE!

Jonah's photo below on top of the piano has been one of my most commented on photos that I've ever taken...

I was so excited to meet up with his little family again shortly after his first birthday!

We started off with photos of Jonah is his present from his grandpa--a rocking chair that had been his. I love it when we are able to incorporate meaningful objects into photos...

Such a great smile!

Love those brown eyes!

Thanks, Anne and Ryan for meeting me in the park for a lovely evening :) I know that this little guy is such a blessing to you and I'm so glad we could capture that in photos!