Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Back to baby Colin! Colin's mommy received a gift certificate his session as a shower gift from her co-workers...such a great idea for a present!

This little guy was 2 1/2 weeks old, so a little older than I typically like to shoot newborns. But it worked out great because we were able to get some wide awake shots along with the more typical sleeping newborn shots.

So alert!

I love baby feet...

Colin's daddy was not too sure about having his picture taken...warning to future clients: I want to take your picture with your baby! And look...aren't you glad you did?! :)

Love the pattern of his this going to be curly hair or cowlicks?

I had the idea for this photo as I was rocking my own little baby to sleep and could see our silhouettes reflected in a picture I just need someone to take one for me!

One of Colin's canine siblings watches...

Last one of the day...Sadie hopped on the bean bag chair because she thought it was her turn! :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Colin's sneak peek...

I met up with this little sweet boy and his parents this afternoon. Here's just a couple for now!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I've had the chance once again to photograph a senior from Lutheran North where I attended high school. It's always fun to chat with them about school and their favorite teachers. Some things never change, like the popularity of Mr. Mac and his passionate battle scenes in class.

Caitlin will be graduating in just a few weeks and then moving on to the University of Oklahoma to pursue her passion, dance.

Despite having to fight off the crowds at Forest Park this Saturday, we ended up with some gorgeous photos! Caitlin's beauty and grace in movement made my job easy.

Love her shoes!

When we first arrived at Forest Park, there were wedding parties lined up to take their photos here inside the Muny. Later in the evening when they had all cleared out, we were able to get a whole series of dancing photos there...I may have to come back later to share some more of these!

Caitlin, congratulations on your upcoming graduation and God's blessings to you!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Zachary

After two reschedules (first Zach had jaundice and then my baby was sick), we finally got Zachary's newborn shoot done on Saturday. And after eating, oh three times or so, we finally got Zachary to pose the way we wanted him to ;)

Let's start out with some family and sibling shots. Remember this picture from last September?!

This was taken back when Avery knew she was going to be a big sister, but wasn't quite ready to consider the possibility of a brother ever entering her room. Judging from these next photos, I think she might have changed her mind once she met little Zach!

And here's some of the family...

I love incorporating items that are special to clients into the sessions. Here are some pictures of Zachary in the baby doll bed that Tessa and her sisters played with as children and in a basket from the locker room of their childhood swimming pool!

Always love the feet pictures!

Touchdown! (His dad was a football player...must be teaching him early!)

And two of my favorites...
I LOVE his dimple here and I think he looks just like his sister!

Congratulations, Tessa, Ted, and Avery!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Grace and Olivia

When these girls' mommy and I were setting up their session, it was hot outside. Like upper 80's hot. And I suggested that we start really early at 7 am to get that beautiful light. And it was anything but hot! More like in the 40's. But we managed to get some beautiful photos anyway!

We played a little at the park, took some pictures in their Easter dresses, and then played some more and read some books in their backyard! Here's a little of the life of Grace (almost 4) and Olivia (15 months)...