Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Zachary

After two reschedules (first Zach had jaundice and then my baby was sick), we finally got Zachary's newborn shoot done on Saturday. And after eating, oh three times or so, we finally got Zachary to pose the way we wanted him to ;)

Let's start out with some family and sibling shots. Remember this picture from last September?!

This was taken back when Avery knew she was going to be a big sister, but wasn't quite ready to consider the possibility of a brother ever entering her room. Judging from these next photos, I think she might have changed her mind once she met little Zach!

And here's some of the family...

I love incorporating items that are special to clients into the sessions. Here are some pictures of Zachary in the baby doll bed that Tessa and her sisters played with as children and in a basket from the locker room of their childhood swimming pool!

Always love the feet pictures!

Touchdown! (His dad was a football player...must be teaching him early!)

And two of my favorites...
I LOVE his dimple here and I think he looks just like his sister!

Congratulations, Tessa, Ted, and Avery!

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Anonymous said...

Rachel - Once again, BEAUTIFUL!
From a very proud Memaw