Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I met Breanna and her mommy on a cold, rainy December day. To avoid the rain, we shot undercover at the Muny. Isn't she so cute?! Here are just a few of the shots that I got that day...

2009...a walk of faith.

This journey of starting a photography business has been a true walk of faith for me. I feel truly blessed by God that He has given me this creative outlet and this way to bring joy to others. At the beginning of the last year, I had only done a handful of paid photoshoots and had no idea that the business would take off in the way that it has. I am so thankful to each and every one of you that has entrusted me with your memories and allowed me to be a part of your lives. Thank you to both my clients back in Colorado and here in St. Louis! Here's a small glimpse of my 2009 in photography...

Philippians 1:3

Sunday, December 20, 2009

28 degrees...

was the temperature during our photoshoot today! It was supposed to be above 40, but it sure didn't turn out that way for us. I think these kids look pretty cute anyway! I'll be back with more of these tomorrow.

Christmas program

Photos from the Grace Chapel Christmas program can be viewed at!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby Audrey

Yesterday when we took Audrey's newborn pictures, she was just over two weeks old despite the fact that her due date was not until December 30th! What a wonderful early Christmas present for her parents! Audrey is known to be a very , very sleepy girl, but decided not to live up to her reputation yesterday. She fought so hard to stay fact, her grandma said she had never seen her this alert before. We did though manage to get at least a few peaceful, sleepy pictures of this little one(sometimes it's a matter of having that camera ready when she would close her eyes for half a second!)

Sarah and Ben, congratulations on a beautiful little gift from God! Praying that you have a blessed first Christmas with Audrey!

For others expecting a baby: My newborn special (25% off) is good through the end of January! You can tentatively book your session even before your little one is here and we will finalize the date after he or she arrives!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More presents!

( not read this!!)

I added these to my etsy shop, but thought I'd show them off on here too. I originally made this last Sunday intending it to be my brother Jon's Christmas present, but my husband liked it so much, he told me I should sell them. So I created an etsy shop and also sold a few at the craft fair.

This is what I have available right now--8x10 print ($20), 5x10 print on 2 mm styrene board ($22), or 10x20 print on 2 mm styrene board ($45). Let me know if you are interested...we have to move fast, but I can still get them to you by Christmas!

I also made this one this weekend for my sister-in-law Jamie. She's one of the most crafty and creative people I know! Hopefully she really did stop reading so she can still be surprised! :) I'm printing this one as a 10x20 for her sewing studio space (i.e. garage :)

I have some extra 8x10 prints of this one on the way too and will be posting it on etsy tomorrow...or contact me directly if you're in the STL area. Thanks!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


(Disclaimer--Matt, Dad, Mom Hill, Erica, Rylee, Katie...don't read this!!)

Are you still wondering what to get a few people on your Christmas list?

I have three ideas for you!

One--visit my etsy shop!
I have several different photography prints for sale. If you live in St. Louis, I will also have some on sale at the craft fair at Lutheran South this Saturday from 9-3. Or just contact me!

Two--Gift Certificate to Rachel Hill Photography!

If you have booked a session with me, a storyboard from that session is a perfect way to showcase one or more of those pictures along with some type of sentiment. It's not too late to order one, so contact me soon for prices or ideas.

Here's a few of the ones that I have put together for this Christmas! (This is where some of you should stop reading!!)

My niece Rylee just got a bedroom remodel and this is her new bedding.

So I made this 12x12 silhouette of her jumping for her new room. Printed on a 3/4 inch standout that does not need further framing... (the colors are off in the above photo and I made it to match the actual bedding, not the photo!)

This is for my husband's classroom. He likes to have pictures of the boys so I usually give his something new each holiday. And I have to say that Jordan is currently underrepresented. 8x10 standout.

I made one of these for each of Jordan's godparents. Godparent poem along with a picture taken the day of his baptism. 5x7 printed on 2 mm styrene (does not need to be framed either).

This is for my dad's office. Printed as a 12x12 standout (these pictures are also on their Christmas card).

This is for my mother-in-law. She loves the Chargers and used to be a season ticket holder. Printed as an 8x10 standout.

For darling Breanna. (This was her birthday present). Printed as a 5x30 on 2 mm styrene. Perfect for putting on a shelf or above a twin bed.

For Aunt Erica. The best 12 year old aunt ever. My boys LOVE her!!! 8x10 standout

(Click on any of these to see them bigger!)

Here's other storyboards I have featured on my blog in the past: storyboards

Got an idea for your me and let's get it ordered!

Newborn/Maternity Special

For the rest of December and January, newborn sessions will be 25% off!

Just a reminder that we really want to take those sleepy newborn pictures in the first two weeks of life--even better the first week! So if you know your due date and would like newborn pictures taken, book your session now and then we can finalize the time and date after the little makes his or her appearance.

And because I have not done as many maternity shoots and would like to add more to my portfolio, maternity shoots will be 50% through the end of January! Maternity photos are best taken around the 8th month.

Email me with questions!

Also, these sessions make a GREAT gift! My mom bought us a newborn session when Jordan was born and I'm so glad she did! Even as a photographer, I was too worn out those first couple of weeks to do as good of a job as I wanted to. A gift certificate for a session would be a perfect shower or Christmas gift!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Slideshow...featuring Charlotte!

Just a reminder that slideshows of your sessions are available. This would make a great Christmas gift! The first copy of your high-res DVD with a customized cover is $30 and each additional copy is $15. You can choose your own song or let me pick for you.

Here's another example using baby Charlotte's newborn pictures!


I'm so late in posting this, but our winner is.......


I tried to get Xavier to pick the number for me, but he was too busy playing with his green playdough for Christmas, so I used to choose the winner.

Carolyn chose the Peace photo as her gift!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

And finally we get to...Luke and Bryn!

So we've had a crazy week here in the Hill household. My husband is the athletic director and 8th grade teacher at his school and they were putting on a basketball tournament this week. He estimated tonight that he was at school about 80 hours this week! So you can imagine how much extra time I had on the computer for editing with my two little men with less help from my other, not so much! My two year old Xavier was actually crying on the way home last night, "Daddy got to go to work, Daddy got to teach the kids..."

The point of all of that was to say, Luke and Bryn, I'm sorry these took so long! :)

These two just got engaged two weeks ago and so after we shot Luke's family's session, we also got some engagement pictures of them! I have to say that I was quite impressed with Luke's proposal and all the thought and planning that went into it. God's blessings to the two of you as you prepare for the wedding and marriage and I hope you love these photos!!