Thursday, December 10, 2009


(Disclaimer--Matt, Dad, Mom Hill, Erica, Rylee, Katie...don't read this!!)

Are you still wondering what to get a few people on your Christmas list?

I have three ideas for you!

One--visit my etsy shop!
I have several different photography prints for sale. If you live in St. Louis, I will also have some on sale at the craft fair at Lutheran South this Saturday from 9-3. Or just contact me!

Two--Gift Certificate to Rachel Hill Photography!

If you have booked a session with me, a storyboard from that session is a perfect way to showcase one or more of those pictures along with some type of sentiment. It's not too late to order one, so contact me soon for prices or ideas.

Here's a few of the ones that I have put together for this Christmas! (This is where some of you should stop reading!!)

My niece Rylee just got a bedroom remodel and this is her new bedding.

So I made this 12x12 silhouette of her jumping for her new room. Printed on a 3/4 inch standout that does not need further framing... (the colors are off in the above photo and I made it to match the actual bedding, not the photo!)

This is for my husband's classroom. He likes to have pictures of the boys so I usually give his something new each holiday. And I have to say that Jordan is currently underrepresented. 8x10 standout.

I made one of these for each of Jordan's godparents. Godparent poem along with a picture taken the day of his baptism. 5x7 printed on 2 mm styrene (does not need to be framed either).

This is for my dad's office. Printed as a 12x12 standout (these pictures are also on their Christmas card).

This is for my mother-in-law. She loves the Chargers and used to be a season ticket holder. Printed as an 8x10 standout.

For darling Breanna. (This was her birthday present). Printed as a 5x30 on 2 mm styrene. Perfect for putting on a shelf or above a twin bed.

For Aunt Erica. The best 12 year old aunt ever. My boys LOVE her!!! 8x10 standout

(Click on any of these to see them bigger!)

Here's other storyboards I have featured on my blog in the past: storyboards

Got an idea for your me and let's get it ordered!

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