Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby Audrey

Yesterday when we took Audrey's newborn pictures, she was just over two weeks old despite the fact that her due date was not until December 30th! What a wonderful early Christmas present for her parents! Audrey is known to be a very , very sleepy girl, but decided not to live up to her reputation yesterday. She fought so hard to stay fact, her grandma said she had never seen her this alert before. We did though manage to get at least a few peaceful, sleepy pictures of this little one(sometimes it's a matter of having that camera ready when she would close her eyes for half a second!)

Sarah and Ben, congratulations on a beautiful little gift from God! Praying that you have a blessed first Christmas with Audrey!

For others expecting a baby: My newborn special (25% off) is good through the end of January! You can tentatively book your session even before your little one is here and we will finalize the date after he or she arrives!


Anonymous said...

Adorable! Well done rachel!!

Cara said...

I absolutely loved this session - it's definitely one of my faves you've done! If I had to choose two favorites, they would be the one with the bow and the gift tag from God and the diaper pic! ;)