Saturday, June 13, 2009

Heather and Gabe

Okay...two images from today's wedding!
These two had their reception at the church and weren't allowed to have dancing there. We may have snuck in a little dance outside resulting in this image (Gabe is singing to her...aaaww :)

And with those pictures shared, now comes a DISCLAIMER! We are closing on our house in FIVE days. We have yet to pack a single box. On top of that, after tomorrow's three photoshoots, I will have completed two weddings and twelve photoshoots in 15 days! And my son is clinging to me because he was away from me for five days in California and I was away from him today! So please be patient with me. I'm normally pretty quick with the turnaround time, but this could be a little different...THANK YOU for understanding!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Although I know his family, I met Chris for the first time the day of his senior pictures. We took his pictures at his house since they had such a beautiful backyard to work with. Chris is quite the athlete, placing 9th in state in golf as a junior! He's hoping to head to Notre Dame after his senior year, following in the footsteps of his mom and sister. Hope you like your pictures, Chris! It was great working with you!

Chris has a special relationship with his little sister, Megan, so we made sure to get here in there as well!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Dankenbring family

I was told that these guys were up for anything, so I had a list of fun shots to try out. They helped me come up with even more and we had a lot of fun during this photoshoot...and Dairy Queen afterwards!

Special thanks to the Dankenbrings for all the love and care they have shown Xavier this year!

Storyboard--Higgins family

(click to see bigger)
Here's another example of a storyboard. It's a great way to display photos without using a traditional frame. This is a 10x20, but could be printed as a 5x10 as well. It comes mounted on a 2mm styrene board with a linen texture on top and could be displayed on a small easel or framed.

The Higgins Family

This family of six was so adorable that it made me want to have four kids (and that's saying a lot considering I've about had it with pregnancy right now)! They were full of energy and I was able to get tons of cute photos of them, both posed and candid. Here's just a small sampling... (click especially on the family pictures to see them bigger!)

This first picture is the same one I posted a few days ago, but with a vintage look to it. Something about Macee's little dress and sweater just made me want to see these votes with a vintage flair!

And now, a series of pictures of little Mylee, because tomorrow is her first birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MYLEE!


Kevin was another one of my cross country athletes and he was in my AP English and on my journalism staff this past year. He is well known around school as the person to ask if you need something fixed, especially anything related to technology. Kevin spends a lot of his time hiking and climbing mountains, so we went for very natural settings for his pictures--Bluffs Regional Park and Castlewood Canyon.

If you were looking at these first few pictures and thinking--wow, what beautiful light--know that it took some sacrifice to get it! Kevin met me at 6:00 am so that we would have that beautiful glowing morning light.

When I'm at a photoshoot, there are a couple of things that I will never do. I will never put the client in danger, such as suggesting that they balance on two rocks above a canyon or climb into a tree that was struck by lightning...I would never ever do that...unless it looks really cool. Don't you think it was worth it for these pictures? (click to see bigger)

Fifty Years!

I was excited and honored to be a part of Bill and Rosalie's 50 year anniversary celebration. I've taught their granddaughters the last few years and will really miss this family when we move! Fifty years of marriage is quite an accomplishment and I'm glad I could be there to capture their love and commitment to one another!

Bill and Rosalie with their sons, daughter-in-law, and granddaughters

Nancy is such a good cook...check out this beautiful cake she made!