Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brian and Sara...part one

This past Saturday, I photographed Brian and Sara's wedding. I have so many photos that I'm going to divide them into two posts! So here is a little sneak peek for them from getting ready before the ceremony, the actual ceremony, and a couple of bridal party shots right after. Hope you two are having fun in Aruba!!

The flower girl was ready before everyone else, so I got some extra pictures of her!

I love hands! This is Sara's grandma passing on to her a hankerchief that she had carried at her own wedding!

Looking tough...

Just moments before walking in...

Getting some nice air from the best man and bridesmaid on the left, Brian's little sister!

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Krista V said...

These are just gorgeous! What a wonderful set of photos to remember your special day. I love the creative shots, the black and white, the close ups... What a wonderful day captured beautifully.