Saturday, June 13, 2009

Heather and Gabe

Okay...two images from today's wedding!
These two had their reception at the church and weren't allowed to have dancing there. We may have snuck in a little dance outside resulting in this image (Gabe is singing to her...aaaww :)

And with those pictures shared, now comes a DISCLAIMER! We are closing on our house in FIVE days. We have yet to pack a single box. On top of that, after tomorrow's three photoshoots, I will have completed two weddings and twelve photoshoots in 15 days! And my son is clinging to me because he was away from me for five days in California and I was away from him today! So please be patient with me. I'm normally pretty quick with the turnaround time, but this could be a little different...THANK YOU for understanding!!!

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