Wednesday, December 2, 2009


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Tracey is in her first year of teaching, far away from her family as she lives down in Dallas, Texas. So when she was back home for Thanksgiving break, she really wanted a chance to get together with her family and take some photos that reflect her family's love and energy. We especially took a lot of photos of the six cousins and you can see just how much fun they have together.

The girls

The boys

And this would be the first time that someone broke out with some Beyonce at a photo shoot of mine. Look at the boys' faces! :)

Oh, and Tyra too?!
Isn't it so cute how little Olivia wants to be just like her older cousins?

The six cousins have their names on a brick in front of the fountain at the World's Fair Pavilion (their foot is by their name in this picture).

I like their shadows!

And since our shoot location was the site of the 1904 World's Fair, we'll make that same picture a little vintage...

I had a lot of fun with your family! Thank you! Pictures of the bigger group/parents coming later!

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Carolyn Brutlag said...

Love the pix, you guys!