Monday, April 19, 2010

Love my Sister-in-laws!

Just a quick shoutout! First of all, it's Daryelle's birthday today. Happy Birthday, Daryelle!!

Next, my sister-in-law Kate helped me out at my newborn shoot last Saturday! It was her nephew I was photographing, and it was so fun to have someone help with poses.

Yep, those are her soothing hands :) That was the best I could do for a picture from Saturday.

And finally, thank you to Jamie! Check out the Rachel Hill Photography button on the right (and grab it for your own blog if you want!) She made that for me! Thanks!! And check out Jamie's blogs if you want any ideas for quilting and crafting!

And here she is playing with my big boy a couple of weekends ago!

(nice shot, Jamie!....I mean, nice catch, Xavier!)

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