Sunday, February 22, 2009

Senior Collage

I've been working on marketing to get ready for the next senior "season." I'm hoping to get an early start this spring and summer before the new baby comes! Here's a collage that I put together that I'm having printed as a 16x24. What do you think? You can click on it to see it bigger!

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emily said...


Hi! I am Jodie's friend she just blogged about yesterday.... the one with the kid in the sock monkey t...

I made my own, but you can also get them online at (long link at the end of this comment, so sorry!!!) I loved it when I saw it, but couldn't justify spending the money!!

Feel free to pop by my blog or email me if you have any questions!!

:) --Emily

(P.S. LOVE the collage-- I adore shooting senior photos!!)