Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The D family

I photographed little Lillie as a newborn and we finally managed to get the whole family together for some family portraits and 6 month portraits. I work with both Mark and Abbie at school and we were coordinating this photoshoot with our busy end of the year schedule and so Xavier ended up coming along (with Abbie's cousin to play with him at the park). Well, he had a complete meltdown and cried throughout their entire shoot and yet, Lillie was not influenced by his tears! Good little girl! I promise to never take Xavier to a photoshoot again!!!! Sorry about my boy... And on to their pictures!

Husker fans...

Lillie's daddy is the girls basketball coach at our high school. Here she is practicing her game face!

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Jamie Mueller said...

I LOVE the second photo where Lillie is looking at her daddy....and the basketball face one!! SO CUTE!