Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to Shooting!

With this photoshoot, I'm officially out of maternity leave and back to shooting. But in reality, I've been shooting like crazy the past 7 weeks...I have 2 little boys at home to torture with my camera now! It was great to get out to Forest Park this evening for this family shoot though and turn that camera on someone other than my boys!

Tessa and I are almost related...I'm her sister's sister-in-law :) Tessa and Ted have another little one on the way and wanted to have some photos taken to capture their family of three as they are now before that new one comes along in March. Avery just turned four a couple of days ago and she was so much fun to photograph--full of personality and eager for me to take her picture! I had trouble narrowing these down, so here's a BIG sneak peek (and I have so many more still to proof!)

P.S. I will soon have a new blog/website with BIGGER pictures, but until then, you can always click on these to see them bigger!

Could Avery look any happier to be hanging out with her parents?! Awww...

This would be a really cool way to announce a pregnancy!

So Avery is just fine with having either a baby sister OR a baby brother...BUT if it is a baby brother, she HAS to have a "no boys allowed" sign on her room! :)

On the steps in front of the Art Museum

I normally love my black and white, but Avery's beautiful red hair just begs for a color picture!

I told Avery that she was the director of this picture of just her mom and dad, so she was telling them what to do :)

Hope you like the pictures, Tessa, Ted, and Avery!

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Jamie Mueller said...

This photo choot turned out great!! And I LOVE the new blog look!!