Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jonah...part one

I have so many photos that I love of Jonah that I'm splitting his session into two posts. So...this is the part that made me cry. I mean...this is the part with the piano photos.

And I'm working backwards, as in this is the end of the session. Oops.

So, little Jonah's parents allowed me to invade their house just two days after they came home from the hospital when he was only four days old. Since he was so young, I assumed that he would be very sleepy the whole time.

I was wrong.

This little guy seemed to be hungry the entire time I was there and was ready to eat again 20 minutes after his last feeding. Fast forward to the very end of the session. Mom and Dad are exhausted. Jonah...hungry and awake.

We head to the piano. Dad (music director and church organist) begins playing. Jonah stares at Mom (also a gifted musician).

And his daddy continued to serenade him with lullabies, Jonah slowly drifts off until he is enveloped in happy sleep.

I'm in the corner with my camera, clicking away. Dad, Mom, Jonah by the piano, sharing a private moment as a new family of three. Dad stares at his baby boy as his fingers strum out the tune of "Children of the Heavenly Father." Tears are blinding my view now, but I keep clicking.

Love. A child. A family. A true gift from God.

And now finally...why don't I show you some pictures?!

Thank you, Anne and Ryan and Jonah, for allowing me to be a part of this moment!

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Jamie said...

these are awesome! they are going to treasure these photos forever! can't wait to see the rest!