Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Last weekend, we had rain predicted for most of the weekend, including Sunday afternoon when Meagan's session was scheduled. I was so thankful that she and her mom were flexible and met me Saturday mornign instead so we could beat all the rain!

As always, I love shooting seniors that attend the same high school (and church) as me! Meagan is a great cross country runner and I get to watch her run every week now that she and my little sister are teammates!

Hope you like the sneak peek, Meagan!

This girl is full of talents...

This colorful quilt that has been making an appearance in a few of my recent sessions was my birthday present from my extremely talented sister-in law! You can see more of her quilts here. This quilt was actually featured at the International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City before making its way to my home. Thanks, Jamie! :)

Go, Crusaders!

One of my favorites...

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Jamie Mueller @ SunFlower Seeds said...

Thanks for linking me!! Megan makes that quilt look gorgeous!