Friday, October 16, 2009

Ideas for Christmas Presents

If you are looking for a unique Christmas present for someone, I have an idea for you! Below you can see some artwork that I have made using pictures of items that resemble letters. The pictures used below all were taken at my grandparents' farm. You could order the ones you see below or I could make a custom one for you with your choice of words and text. Colors and sizes can be customized as well!

Another idea for a personalized present would be to spell out someone's name. I recently made one for a wedding present...

I want to post a picture of the actual finished product so you can get an idea of what they look like, but waiting for the sun to come out! (I'm primarily a natural light photographer!) Maybe tomorrow...

You can order these as an unmounted print, a print mounted on 2mm styrene or a 3/4 inch standout (not requiring framing), or even as a download that you can print on your own. Please contact me for prices or with questions!

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