Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Longest Sneak Peek Yet

My sister-in-law has been waiting oh-so-patiently, yet oh-so-anxiously, for me to give her a little glimpse of the pictures from their photo shoot on Saturday. I was so mean I wouldn't even let her flip through the images on the back of the camera. Nope, she had to wait for the finished product. And she didn't even complain.

So in reward for her patience, she gets the longest sneak peek ever!

Oh...and to reward Jon for getting pooped on by a pigeon?!

We started at the Arch Grounds and worked our way down the Riverfront, the Landing, and then to City Garden. So that's the other reason this will be long...I have a lot of pictures with a lot of variety.

This is SO Jamie! :)

Leaf fight!!

And this would be the site of the pigeon pooping...actually this after the incident, but it was under that bridge. Can you believe how many photos Jon was in AFTER being pooped on?!

Nope...this was not planned or posed! They just happened to randomly make faces at one another.

This one is taken through the sculpture shown above.

Can you believe this is in the middle of downtown? Check out Citygarden sometime if you've never been there...

love their smiles on this one!

Hope you liked them!


Jamie Mueller said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! You are AMAZING! Thanks for making this difficult to decide which ones to use for Christmas cards and hang up ones!

Jamie said...

these are great Rachel. I'm really in the need of some new family photos...wanna come for a visit?!

Rachel Hill said...

I wish I could! I think your family would be so fun to photograph with how much Naomi loves to have her picture taken!!