Friday, January 15, 2010

Austin and Sara

These two started their relationship as high school sweethearts and recently were engaged! I tried to convince them that they should put together a slideshow of their whole relationship to play at their wedding...wouldn't you love to see the old homecoming pictures when they were 15 and 16 years old all the way up to these engagement photos?

We met at Lafayette Park in Lafayette Square and it was such a pretty place for engagement photos, especially with all the snow blanketing the ground. Here's a glimpse into some of what we captured...

I'm pretty sure I took a Christmas wreath off this door and forgot to put it back up. Oops.

You can click on this to see that ring bigger!

I think Austin was a little relieved when I led them into this little tiny alley...away from any possible starting eyes :)

Love the color in these ones!

I forgot to mention that Sara's dad filmed most of the engagement session too since they are putting together a video of the whole wedding planning process. I have to say I've never been filmed while shooting before, so Sara, please do NOT send me a copy of that :)


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