Sunday, January 17, 2010

Emma and Owen

Somehow I posted these little ones' pictures on my facebook, but forget to blog about them. Oops! So returning to Emma and Owen...I had the opportunity to photograph them about a week ago. These two darling babies could not be loved more by their mommy and daddy. And part of that love is the sacrifice of sleep and maybe even a little sanity at times. Lisa and John, you are doing a great job!

Now these two made me work hard as they did not really want to sleep at the same time! But it was worth it to capture some of these moments...

Emma was the first to cooperate :)

And then they both fell asleep!

It's a job just to pick up and hold both of these little ones!

Such alert eyes!

I started to panic just a bit when I realized we hadn't gotten many individual shots of Owen...but he finally gave in and slept for us near the end!

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Anonymous said...

Rachel! We love the pix! You did a fantastic job and were so very patient with the twins. Thank you so much!