Friday, February 26, 2010


You might remember these maternity photos from a few weeks ago. Well, Blair is here now and I was able to photograph her and her family last Sunday. Here's a few of what I captured...

We started off taking some family photos in the master bedroom. Can I just say that I've been wanting to take photos on someone's bed for a long time? But I'm always too scared to ask just in case their room is trashed because they weren't expecting me to be in it! Ha! So if you are an upcoming client and like these, be sure to ask ME about photos on your bed because I might be too scared to ask you :) And thank you, Cori!

(I've been really into the vintage feeling photos lately, but if you are a client, you also receive your photos in color and black and white on your disc of photos).

Blair's daddy is a podiatrist so I took a number of feet shots!

Such a sweet big sister!

Love her lips!

And finishing up with a couple more feet shots...

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